Can’t find the right construction equipment and tools for your job? Construction equipment and tools include any equipment involved in the erection of various types of structures from roads, bridges to major skyscrapers. The equipment used in the construction industry includes earth-moving equipment, skid loaders, cranes, tractors, trucks, dredges and any tools to handle and to work with cement, concrete, wood and other construction materials.

Cement Mixers: portable mortar and cement mixers.
Compaction Equipment: plate compactors, concrete vibrators, rammers, power trowels.
Concrete and Pavement Saws: saw accessories, masonry block saws, replacement chains.
Construction Safety Products: back support belts, vests, vehicle lighting, eyeware, hearing protection, hardhats, masks, respirators,
Construction Screws and Extractors: steel screws, nuts, bolts, fasteners, screw sets, screw extractors for removal of broken studs, pipes and screws.
Cranes: lifts materials for the construction of buildings. The crane moves heavy objects through the use of a motor, which winds cable around a winch, and a system of pulleys.
Diamond Coring Rigs: for drilling holes into reinforced concrete.
Dredges: consist of hoisting or suction equipment, usually powered by a diesel engine mounted on a bargelike float. Dredges are used to deepen or widen waterways, to provide fill material for raising submerged land above water, to build dikes or prepare for the installation of underwater foundations, and to dig up underwater deposits of precious metals or valuable marine life.
Forklifts: hoppers, forklifts, forklift work platforms, booms, drum grippers, pallets, forklift accessories.
Graders: primarily finishing equipment. They level earth already moved into position by bulldozers and scrapers.
Bulldozers: a tracked machine with a blade attached at the front. Bulldozers are used to clear land or construction area of brush or debris, boulders, and ground.
Grators: a wheeled or track-laying tractor flattens the earth for road construction using a leveling blade. These machines are also used to perform a variety of jobs on farms and construction sites.
Heaters: electric and propane heaters, stoves, wood stoves, heater accessories, natural gas and kerosene heaters. Visit Northern Tool & Equipment for heaters & stoves including popular heaters from Mr. Heater, Magic Heat, Drolet, ProCom, Century Heating, Marvin Heat, HeatStar, Vogelzang and Fahrenheat.
Pavement Breakers: chipping hammers, chisels, cutters.
Pipe Locators: for locating cables and pipes that are in insulated distribution systems.
Plumbing: plumbing equipment for your house, commercial building or hi-rise will include everything needed to install a complete water supply and waste disposal system. Some of the equipment may include piping, fittings, drainage, and valves. There are also the fixtures themselves such as toilets, faucets and sinks. Finally, there are the plumbing tools and parts themselves which may include installation tools like pipe wrenches, bending, cutting and threading tools for pipe installation, soldering and joining tools, testing and measuring tools.
Scaffolding: rolling ladders, mobile scaffolding and accessories.
Scrapers: is a machine that is either pulled by a tractor or self-powered. Consisting of a blade and a box or container, dirt is scraped by the blade into the container.
Trenchers: machines for digging trenches. Trenchers can be chain or rockwheel.
Ladders: little giant ladder systems, werner, cotternman, step, telescoping, fiberglass, extension, aluminum, folding, rolling, multipurpose, ladders scaffolding, adjustable, warehouse, collapsible ladders.
Loaders: Front End Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoes, Earth Movers, and other Excavating Equipment.
Welding Equipment: includes gas and arc welding equipment for joining metals, i.e., two pieces of steel grid iron.