The electrical industry produces and distributes electrical energy. Electricity is everywhere. For most of us, modern life would be impossible without it. There are electrical outlets all over your house. Your car and walkman rely on batteries which produce varying amounts of electricity. During a thunderstorm, there are huge bolts of electricity shooting down from the sky. Electricity plays even a larger role in the industrial world. Whether its generated by sunlight using a solar cell, from the chemical energy in hydrogen and oxygen using a fuel cell, or from coal, natural gas, hydro or nuclear power, a reliable source of electricity is crucial to your survival. And that means having the right electrical supplies, tools and equipment.

Wire Crimpers – cuts stranded and solid wire and crushes wire terminals so that they clamp on the wire.
Wire Cutters – used for cutting wires.
Wire Strippers – a small, hand-held device used to stip the insulation from electric wires.
Electrical Meters – devices for testing AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, and decibels.
Heat Guns – for shrinking PVC, polyolefin, dual wall, crimpable shrink tubing, and no-crimp solder terminals.
Power Torches – perfect for heat shrinkable connectors and tubing, soldering, and a variety of other applications.