Material Handling

Having trouble locating the right material handling equipment and tools? When it comes to the transportation of objects and materials there are five basic categories of equipment:

1. Hand Transport Tools: Chains and Accessories, Dollies, Hand and Utility Trucks, Jacks, Lift Tables and Power Jacks, Scales, Load Binders, Pallet Trucks, Platform Trucks, Ramps, Roller Stands, Trollies and Snatch Blocks.
2. Industrial Lift Equipment and Trucks: either manual or power operated. Manually operated forklifts ore carts are pushed or pulled by a human worker. With a powered vehicle, the human worker must only steer the truck.
3. Automatic Guided Vehicles (AVGs): self-propelled, use unobtrusive paths, and flexible routing variations. 1. Each vehicle is self-propelled. On board batteries supply power to electric motors that drive and steer the vehicle. 2. Pathways are to be defined in the factory or warehouse.
4. Monorails and Rail Guided Vehicles: self-propelled vehicles that use a fixed rail that is either on-floor or overhead and can be designed with various routing scenarios. For instance, conveyors use fixed paths, similar to monorails, and are either non-powered or powered. Non-powered conveyors are often designed with a slight downward incline, so that gravity moves the loads from a higher elevation to a lower elevation. In powered conveyors, the mechanical power to move loads resides in the pathway.
5. Accesories: Material Handling Back Support Belts, Ropes, Service Carts, Straps.