Woodworking Tools and Equipment includes any device, machine, tool, or piece of equipment used by individual craftsmen, modern industries involved in the manufacturing of furniture, buildings and lumber yards. Carpentry, joinery, and cabinet making are specialized woodworking crafts, providing a range of products from wooden structures and furniture to wooden toys. Prior to the invention of electricity, woodworking equipment and tools consisted of hand made tools such as chisels, planes, carving tools, knives, hand saws, rasps and sanding blocks. With electricity came power tools which were more productive and capable of producing furniture on a massive scale. Woodworking has gone from being a craft, art, or hobby of the individual to the automated factory capable of producing wood shapes and stocks such as plywood, special moldings, furniture and building components such as rafters, walls and entire prefabricated houses.

Woodworking Equipment Categories and Tools

Much of what we consider to be woodworking equipment consists of cutting and finishing tools. Cutting tools include saws from jig saws to table, panel, radial arm, band, circular, and reciprocating saws. Routers, drilling machines, wood lathes, chippers, chisels would also be part of the cutting family. Finishing tools include sanders from orbital, palm, disc and belt sanders, to sanding blocks and sand paper. Planers, biscuit and hand joiners and carving tools, might also be included in this group. There are also calibrating machines used in lines for heavy stock removal at high feed speed, brushing machines for constant sanding at a 90 degree angle, and measuring tools from tape measures, rulers to lasers. See more measuring tools here. There are also an endless variety of woodworking tool accessories from collets and chucks, carbide tipped router bits to saw blades, c-clamps, f-clamps, bar clamps and drilling bits.