Industrial Scales

Industrial Scales or weighing equipment includes any tool used to measure the weight of an object. Scales or balances are not only for measuring the weight of a person, but they are also used in the retail industry to sell goods by weight, in medicine and science to obtain the weight of an object, and in many industrial applications to determine the weight of things ranging from feathers to loaded tractor trailers. As a part of the measuring tool family, scales use a comparative method of weighing by comparing unknown objects to objects of a known weight, i.e., calibration weights, or by measuring the gravitational force using a spring scale, i.e., the bathroom scale. They do this using either mechanical means or electricity. Today, most industrial scales are electronic and computerized. They are used to measure everything from small packages for shipping, mail in the post office, the contents of hoppers, groceries, to extremely heavy loads such as freight hauling trucks or trains.

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