Can’t find the right chiller or granulator for your plastic process line? Plastic process equipment includes any piece of equipment used to create plastic products from vinyl to polyethylene. This means everything from equipment that converts raw petroleum materials into plastic resins, to that actual production of plastic material used in automotive parts and clothing. Plastics are synthetic materials composed of thermoplastic and thermosetting resins that can be used to create stock shape forms such as sheet, plate, rod, tube, film, or extruded profiles or raw materials. Raw material forms include pellets, sheet, powder or liquid resins. Thermoplastic resins are supplied in the form of pellets designed for injection molding machines or extrusion presses while thermosets may be supplied as epoxies. While much has been written about plastics and the processes of making plastic, very little has been said about the evolution of plastic process equipment – which for most of us is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Plastic Process Equipment and Tool Categories

Centrifugal Blowers | Pnuematic Conveyors | Vacuum Barrel Mixers | Desiccant Dryers | Metal Separators | Vacuum Loaders | Heat Exchangers | Filter Receivers | Railcar Unloaders | Railcar Manifolds | Grinders | Granulators | Agitated Film Hoppers | Gaylord Tilters | Gravimetric Blenders | Surge Bins | Chillers | Cyclones